APAC Provenance Council (May 6)
Highlights from the business development and marketing events (May 2020 — July 2020)

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Dr. Peter Zhou, Partner and Chief Scientist at VeChain, joined the course “Blockchain Business Application” in CEIBS MBA programme, which is the Top MBA programme in China, to deliver cutting-edge industry insights of blockchain technology to all participants. (May 11)

Jerome Grilleres, General Manager at VeChain, attended the online event Blockchain Day organized by ESGI, joining the session of discussion around blockchain in actual business scenarios, including blockchain deployment in the fashion, food, and energy sectors. (May 26)

Kevin Feng, COO at VeChain, attended the BlockDown 2020 in the session themed “The Post-COVID 19 Crypto Space in Asia” to discuss the potential backlash and economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic in China. He shared insights on Chinese crypto projects and the investment trend. (June 18)

Sunny Lu, co-founder, and CEO at VeChain attended Blockchain and Beyond: Modern Tools for Supply Chains, an event hosted by AmCham’s Supply Chain Committee. He analyzed the challenges of traditional supply chain management and presented the successful deployment of VeChain ToolChain™ in supply chain management. (June 23)


Dimitris Neocleous, Ecosystem Manager at VeChain Europe, attended Blockchain in Healthcare: Bridging Trust in response to COVID-19. He shared experience in developing the blockchain-enabled solution The E-NewHealthLife, and the archival solution E-HCert App, which has been downloaded by thousands of Cyprus citizens. (June 23)

Sunny Lu, co-founder, and CEO at VeChain attended China-Singapore Dialogue to join leading practitioners and share insights on blockchain deployment in various industries, which fostered opportunities to advance blockchain applications. (July 4)

During the World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) organized by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, VeChain attended the blockchain forum co-hosted by the Shanghai Municipal Commission Of Economy And Informatization, Shanghai Finance Information Association, and several other large enterprises and organizations. (July 9–10)

VeChain was invited to the business session of “Power Enterprises To Resume Business” held by the China Foundation For Youth Entrepreneurship And Employment to share insights on the application of blockchain technology in the field of food safety and sustainability products. (July 14)


Sunny Lu, co-founder, and CEO at VeChain was invited by the CEO of Binance US, Catherine Coley in a special VeMA session on 15 July. He illustrated how to transform technology value to business value by the deployment of VeChain ToolChain™. (July 15)

Sunny Lu, co-founder, and CEO at VeChain attended a live streaming interview with Boxmining. He gave an updated view of VeChain and its grand objectives. (July 20)

VeChain and Avery Dennison Intelligent Labels jointly attended the 14th International Internet of Things Exhibition held in Shenzhen and showcased various advanced “Blockchain + IoT” solutions in front of enterprise attendees around the globe. (July 29–31)


v) Compliance & Legal
VeChain hires professional service providers in cybersecurity and legal to ensure products and solutions we offer are secure and compliant with regulations, which we believe is the prerequisite of mass adoption by global enterprises.

vi) Ecosystem Development
With the spirit to celebrate the 2nd Year Anniversary of VeChainThor Mainnet, the VeChain Foundation officially launched the VeChain Community Video Contest 2020 and VeChain Community Design Contest to show appreciation to the support and talent of the community members. The top winners have been rewarded handsomely with prizes.


In order to provide better support for community developers and improve the quality of contributions incorporated participation, the Foundation team has adhered to the Foundation Grant Program and bounty program, which was being implemented with increasing closer communication with our community. Besides incentive programs, we are also working with consultants to approach for more resources to create diversity in ecosystem productivity. The foundation team continues to evaluate both enterprise and community projects and keeps productive discussions with them.