May 4, Shanghai — As the reality of living in a ‘new normal’ sets in, the VeChain Foundation has been seeking the best opportunity to continue and increase our community engagement and communication efforts.

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After careful deliberation and consultation with our partners and advisors, we believe that turning towards the virtual world provides a unique way of sharing our latest business progress and product iterations in a direct and interactive manner.

As a result, we would like to announce VeChain Bootcamp, a virtual livestreaming blockchain webinar series. The webinar series will be hosted by the VeChain top management team, country and regional general managers as well as VeResearch experts.

In addition, the webinar series will be joined by distinguished guest speakers comprising our partners from across various industries to provide insights from their professional perspectives.


VeChain BootCamp — An Interactive Learning & Communication Series

Utilizing online livestreaming platforms, the VeChain BootCamp aims to create lively webinar sessions for our community. Topics presented in this series will be aimed to help viewers digest the latest trend of blockchain technology implementation, keep up with the current progress of the VeChain, follow the latest paradigm shifts of industry developments and get prospective insights from VeChain and our numerous partners.

Whether you are a technology or blockchain enthusiast, a journalist or a business person, we guarantee that the VeChain BootCamp will be insightful, entertaining, and a fun journey for all. We highly encourage all of our community members to attend our specially designed webinars and to spread the word to anyone that might be interested in this series.


Reveal of Latest VeChain ToolChain™ to Kick Off the Series

After months of R&D efforts, we are proud to announce that a new version of VeChain ToolChain™ has arrived. The new VeChain ToolChain™ surpasses the initial release by several factors, and comes with the ability to scale at an exponential rate.

In the first volume of VeChain BootCamp, VeChain CEO and Co-Founder Sunny Lu will officially reveal the new features and other incredible details about VeChain ToolChain™, and its role in the adoption of the VeChainThor blockchain by partners and clients.


The first livestream event will kick off at 22:00 (UTC+8) on May 8, 2020, and the registration for attending the main stream is open here. The live video feed will also be streamed on our official YouTube channel for those that choose not to register for the event.

For our community who are curious about our project updates, and how VeChain promotes the adoption of our technology, the VeChain BootCamp series will be the perfect way for us to communicate our efforts to further the cause of the mass adoption of blockchain technology.


May 6, 2020, Shanghai China — With the aim of building a high-efficiency cross-continental finance ecosystem in food industry, the APAC Provenance Council, strongly supported by government, export and industry bodies, standards agencies, large packaging and labelling service providers, and foremost finance giants and blockchain technology providers in the world, is established to integrate blockchain technology into the food supply chain finance in Australia-China trades.