We strongly encourage you to spread your design with a #Design4VeChain tweet. The contest will officially start from July 29th 10pm UTC+8 and ends on August 10th 10pm UTC+8! Take this time to design, promote and spread your artwork & submission tweet everywhere on social media.

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After the contest period ends, please submit your final design files and compile your social reach stats (Twitter likes, comments, retweets) using this submission form between August 10th 23:59pm UTC+8 to August 11th 23:59pm UTC+8.

We were extremely impressed with the outcome of our successfully held video contest, which was met by great excitement from the community. The Community Video Contest managed to gather a total of 84 videos and, after a community VeVote, resulted in 10 highly talented winners. Check out the final winners list in the VeChain Foundation official YouTube Channel here. A big congratulations to all!

Today, the VeChain Foundation would like to unveil a new challenge and give the community the first hand opportunity to design the header for our official Twitter account!

We’re planning to spice up our social media profiles starting with Twitter. YOUR design may be featured on a monthly rotational basis! Even if you don’t make it into the Top 5 for the prize reward, as long as your design is great, we will feature your banner and full credits will be given.


Take this opportunity to showcase your artistic talent and creativity! Festive banners for holidays such as the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival and Christmas, illustrating the world of VeChain and our ‘everything is connected’ mantra, or milestones of the VeChain ecosystem are more than welcomed. The choice is yours.

Top 5 winners will be showcased first on @vechainofficial Twitter Header in the following months and share a prize of 3,000 USD or equivalent. All other quality submissions may also be featured after the Top 5.

Help Illustrate The World of VeChain
Date of the Contest
Start Date: July 29th 2020, 22:00pm (UTC+8)

End Date: August 10th 2020, 22:00pm (UTC+8)

You may start spreading your design and tweet as soon as the contest begins. Any new designs submitted after the contest ends will not be valid for the competition.


File and Social Stats Submission
After the contest period ends, you will need to submit your final design files and compile your social reach stats (Twitter likes, comments, retweets) using this submission form.

File Submission Start Date: August 10th 2020, 23:59pm (UTC+8)

File Submission End Date: August 11th 2020, 23:59pm (UTC+8)

Suggested Topics
The following topics are a suggestion of the theme for your designs.

World of VeChain
VeChain — Everything is Connected
VeChain Festive banners for seasonal holidays, like Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas etc.
Prizes and Honor of Standouts


The Top 5 winners will share a total prize pool of 3,000 USD.
The Foundation will change the header of our official Twitter account on a monthly basis. Submit more designs for a better chance to win the 3,000 USD Prize and be featured on the official VeChain Foundation Twitter page!
All banners used will be credited with its designer’s Twitter handle in our profile bio.

How To Participate?
Create your original design. Please make sure the size and dimensions of your design match the Twitter header (1500×500 pixels).
Post it on twitter with the hashtag #Design4VeChain, the explanation of your design concept and remember to tag @vechainofficial. We strongly encourage you to spread your design during the period of contest.
Please DO remember to submit your final design files and social reach stats using this submission form between August 10th 23:59pm UTC+8 to August 11th 23:59pm UTC+8. Your tweet social reach statistics including retweets, likes and comments are required to be uploaded via the form for the final judgement.
After submitting your entry, VeChain holds the right to redistribute any and all portions of your work.
The Top 10 entries selected by the Committee will be subjected to a community vote through a poll on VeVote to determine the final Top 5 winners.
The official account will change twitter header monthly into the works of winners. This is the first time after the Foundation account registration that the Twitter Header of the official account will be decided by our community. Your originality, creativity, artistry will be shown to hundreds of thousands of community members.


Only ORIGINAL artwork and designs will be considered.
The graphic must include the correct VeChain Logo (Read the instructions and download the logo files here), along with a coherent design theme. Please make sure everything can be easily read.
Absolutely no NSFW, political, hate symbols, toxicity, profanities, etc are allowed. Content must be G-rated for all audiences.
IMPORTANT: NO Copyrighted Images/Subjects allowed: Copyrighted, trademarked products, packaging, brand names, logos, and advertisements of any companies or individuals are NOT ALLOWED to be used within the graphic.(Only the VeChain logo and branding is allowed to be used in your design)
Original signed release forms are required for persons, whether public or private citizens, who are photographed and appear on the graphic. (VeChain branding, names, persons are allowed to be used)
The committee may select a particular submission and may require the artist to make modifications to the original design or format before the announcement of winners.
The committee reserves the rights to contact the artist for further modifications of the submitted artwork for future usage.
Must provide a high resolution image and/or raster image file in .tiff, .png or high quality .jpg. We encourage you to also submit your working .ai or .psd files to accompany your final design.
VeChain reserves the right to request for the original working materials of your submitted artwork/design, such as .ai, .psd, etc files.

The Design Will Be Judged On The Following Criteria:
All submissions will be will be judged by VeChain and partners based on this criteria:

35% Quality and Completeness
35% Presentation, Creativity, Imagination and Verbiage
30% Community Impact and Social Reach which will include Retweets, Likes and Comments on Twitter.
Important: You will be required to submit your final file and compile your own Twitter social reach stats using the submission form.

Please manage your time well as social reach counts for 30% of the criteria. I.e. submitting close to the deadline will result in a harder to score social reach. Allocate an appropriate amount of time between design and spreading of said design on social channels.